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Quest Condor Air 320 (Main Unit) Drive Away Awning


The Condor Air is a lightweight, easy to use air drive away awning, that can be extended in size by simply zipping on the optional extension onto the front of the awning. It can be used on its own as a tent, or by zipping on the optional low or high top connector as a drive away awning. The front panel can be removed to give you a fully open canopy area to the front or zipped shut to give you extra space inside your awning.
The Falcon Air Technology (FAT) system is simplicity itself and can even be fixed on site by yourself if the very worst happens. The Condor has three separate beams, inflated individually. This makes each beam extremely easy to inflate , even easier to deflate. It also means if you ever have an issue it only affects one tube and not the entire system.
Combine this with the lightweight yet durable 150D fabric you get great performance without the weight of the heavy awnings.
This awning is so easy to use that it also gets our single person pitch approval rating which means it can be pitched by a single person (which we have tested ourselves).

Single Person Pitch
This canopy is so lightweight they can be fed into the awning channel by a single person. It is also very easy to erect and peg, so they can easily be pitched by a single person. Before we give an item the single person pitch logo, we test them by fully pitching them ourselves with one person.

Falcon Air Technology (FAT)
The Falcon Air Technology (FAT) system gives you independant beams, each of which only takes a minute to inflate and even less to deflate ! The airbeam is help in place by a reinforced sleeve which is then secured to the awning via another zipped sleeve making this extremely strong and reliable. The system is based on the ultra reliable and extremely simple to use standard one way air values. These have been in use for many years with proven reliability and the simple nature makes them extremely easy to use, no fiddly bits and can even be replaced with standard parts if you ever need to.

Quest Tec150 Fabric
This is a modern, lightweight fabric. It has a high performance coating giving it a very high waterproof rating, whilst helping to keep the weight down and the pack size smaller. The fabric is naturally water repellent, which means it quick to dry, making it easier to dry the canopy back at home if it is put away wet. It also means that it is easy to clean as the majority of dirt is just washed off with water as the dirt is not 'soaked in' like it can on some heavier fabrics. The technical specification of the fabric is 150D and a hydrostatic head (HH) of 4,000 mm. The advanced coating on this lightweight fabric also means that it is protected against the harmful suns rays and helps extend its lifespan. This same coating also gives it a U.P.f rating of 50+, which is the highest possible, giving you great protection from the sun as well.

Very Small Pack Size
The lightweight fabric also allows it to be rolled and folded to a very small size. This option means that it packs down to a very small pack size.

Quest Condor Air 320 (Main Unit) Drive Away Awning

VAT Included
    • Available in two sizes and features the lightweight and quick drying Quest Tec150 fabric.
    • Falcon Air Tech (FAT) inflatable frame.
    • Storm straps for added protection and ground anchorage.
    • Easy view, high vis storm straps.
    • UV coating gives a U.P.F rating of 50+ for complete protection.
    • Very small pack size: Packs away to small size.
    • Lightweight: This is a very lightweight awning.
    • This awning is easy enough to be pitched by one person.
    • Pop up inner tent ready: It can have a pop up inner tent added (purchased separately). Internal blinds on all the windows.
    • Extendable size.
    • Two doors.
    • Large windows.
    • Ventilation side door (large).
    • Removable front panel.
    • Covered or canopy area to the front.
    • Quick drying.
    • Can have either a low or high top connector (purchased separately) added to allow connection to your vehicle.
  • Size: 320 x 320 cm.
    Height: 200 cm.
    Total Weight: 17.15 kg.
    Pitching Weight: 16.15 kg.
    Packed size : 80 x 46 x 32 cm.
    Warranty: 12 months.
    Fabric: Quest Tec 150
    HH: 4,000 mm
    U.P.F.Rating: 50+

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