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Sargent K940A Modular System with 4” Screen


The Modular Power System is both compact and flexible, allowing mounting as a single unit or separately where space is a premium.


The MC100 is the hub of the system providing power, switching and monitoring for 12 volt accessories such as heating, lighting and water systems. The MC200 provides RCD and MCB protection for 230 volt mains circuits.


A 4" colour touchscreen display offers intuitive controls for monitoring and control of Lighting, Power, Water and Environmental sensors.


The system can be easily expanded through the addition of intelligent CANBus accessories such as a Lithium batteries, Ultrasonic water sensors, Solar regulators &
Battery chargers, Mains Battery Charger

• Modular Power Supply Units - Provide protection and control for all AC & DC circuits
• Touchscreen Control Panel - Intuitive interface for control and monitoring of equipment
• Multi-stage battery charger - up to 20Amps for charging Leisure or Vehicle battery
• Fresh & Waste tank sensors - provide tank monitoring and control panel alerts
• Environmental sensors - monitor internal temperature / humidity and external temperature
• Plug & Play connections - Flexible installation using pre-made harnesses and connector kit
• Fully protected - built-in RCD, MCB and 12V fused protection

Sargent K940A Modular System with 4” Screen

SKU: K940A
VAT Included
    • LEISURE & VEHICLE Inputs: 2 x 20A battery inputs via 2-way connectors
    • CHARGER Input: 1 x 25A input via 2-way connector
    • OUTPUTS: Up to 25A total output via 8 x Blade Fuses
    • INPUTS (Signals): Engine run + multiple vehicle connections
    • TMP Input: 1 x External Temp sensor
    • FRESH & WASTE Inputs: 4 x Fresh levels (25% steps)
    • 1 x Waste level
    • SWITCH Inputs: 2 x Momentary inputs
    • DATA In / Out: 2 x CANBus channels

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