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VitriFrigo 20 Litre Black Drawer Fridge


Compact 20 litre drawer fridge freezer from vitrifrigo available in black or white.
With dimensions of 250mm high by 440mm wide and 445mm deep you can fit this 12 volt compact drawer fridge freezer in the smallest, tightest of locations. they can run as either fridge or freezer with a fridge temperature range of between 8° to 0°c or as a freezer down to -10°c.

Elegantly styled they are available in either black or white to match your interior styling with a central chrome handle.

Compressor voltage: automatically runs or 12v or 24v, by sensing the input voltage with built in low voltage cut out and high voltage protection. upgradeable to 12/24v and 110/240v ac 50/60 htz (select option above).


For greater versatility or to optimise your installation the compressor and cooling unit can be removed from the back of the drawer and mounted remotely up to 1.5m from the drawer. this gives greater flexibility allowing you to locate the drawer where you want it and the compressor in area where there is better ventilation or more sound proofing.

Temperature control using led thermostat with four fridge temperature settings and a freezer setting of -10c.


The Thermostat also features a night mode for quiet economical night time operation.


The drawer is latched closed using two side catches for greater security, opened using the central chrome handle. the positive side latches ensure the drawer cannot open even in rough seas or when driving over rough terrain or cornering in a vehicle or motorhome.

VitriFrigo 20 Litre Black Drawer Fridge

VAT Included

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