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Thetford N4141A Slim Line Fridge Freezer


control panel lcd
• dimensions incl. depth door 1500 x 418 x 561 mm
• door shape flat framed 10 mm
• energy consumption **4,5 kwh/24h
• energy consumption gas**468 g/24h
• energy selection (or power source selection)automatic
• exterior external bottle drawer
• net weight38 kg
• refrigerant amount 175 g
• refrigeration technology single pressure absorption refrigerator
• total volume 136 l
• type of refrigerant ammonia
• volume frozen food comp.15 l
• wheel arch model no
• the refrigerator door can be easily converted from left to right.

This Model comes without the front panel

Thetford N4141A Slim Line Fridge Freezer

SKU: 692168
VAT Included

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