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Quest Elite Signature 5M Classic Bell tent


The Bell comes in two sizes, 4M and 5M. It is a premium quality, full cotton, canvas frame tent with an extra thick PVC zip in groundsheet which makes this a fantastic family friendly tent or perfect for a couple who want that bit more space. Sleeping anywhere from 1 – 4 adults in the 4m or 1 – 6 adults in the 5m, this simple steel framed tent can be put up by one person making this one of the easiest tents on the market to erect. The tried and tested design has been around since the 9th century so you can be confident that this tent will be ready for action whether in the summer or the heart of the winter. As the tent is made from 100% cotton canvas in the summer the tent will be breathable keeping it cooler compared to typical polyester and polycotton tents. Yet in the winter the insulation properties compared to a polyester will make this tent warm and cosy so you can camp all year round safe in the knowledge that you have made the right decision.
The heavy duty PVC groundsheet can be unzipped and rolled up to allow the breeze to come through on those hot days to truly make a unique feature no other tent has.
The steel frame construction is robust giving you peace of mind that this tent will be with you for years to come. Complete with everything you need to setup including heavy duty pegs, pre-attached guy lines & rain cowl for the “A frame”

Quest Tec FullC Fabric
This is a true premium quality fabric. Firstly it is a full 100% cotton canvas. This is no part cotton and part polyester fabric, it is a true 100% full cotton canvas. Cotton is more U.V. resistant than polyester and polycotton, it is naturally waterproof and the fabric is treated against mould, rot and U.V. degradation giving it extra durability, strength and protection against the elements. The premium treatment is impregnated into the cotton fibres themselves during the manufacturing process. This is far batter than any coating as it ensures that the canvas keeps its natural breathability, whilst treating each and every fibre in the cotton ensuring the very best treatment and protection possible. This is a full 100% cotton material, treated against the elements, waterproof and is still a breathable material giving you the very best of everything in one fabric. The fact that this is 100% cotton also means that it is stronger than its polyester and polycotton rivals and has no need for ripstop as the fabric is already extremely tear resistant. Even in the event of an issue cotton material is repairable, so you can repair it if required. The breathability of this fabric means that when the temperature rises the cotton expands, which allows more airflow and the tent breaths more, so the hotter it gets the more it breaths. This also helps keep condensation down to an absolute minimum, meaning you don’t need that second skin inside the tent, even when sleeping. The fabric is also better in the cold as when the temperature gets colder the material contracts helping the material to hold the heat in more giving it a better thermal rating.

Premium, minimal pitch frame
The frame on this bell tent is a solid, premium, galvanised frame. It features minimal poles ensuring the quickest pitch time possible and helping it to become a single person pitch tent. The minimal poles also means it is simpler than other frames and with less to put together, there is less to go wrong. The frame itself is an extremely strong steel frame with a premium finish ensuring it not only lasts for years and years, but looks good at the same time. The spring loaded design also helps ensure the frame is easy to put together by ensuring that each piece is kept together and ensures no mistakes can be made when putting it together.

Guy Ropes and Premium Sliders
Everything about this tent is high quality. There are no guy lines on this tent, it uses nothing but full strength guy rope. Far stronger and longer lasting than any guy line

Signature 5M Classic Bell Tent

SKU: A5001
VAT Included
    • Available in thtwo sizes (4 and 5M)
    • Featuring the Quest Tec FullC 100% cotton canvas.
    • Premium feel, wear and performance.
    • Fully breathable fabric allows the bell tent to breath, stopping condensation and making it cooler on the hotter days.
    • Fully zipped groundsheet (ZIG): A full size, premium quality, heavy duty, zipped in PVC floor.
    • Single person pitch: Designed so it can be pitched by one person.
    • Eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing process.
    • Premium, solid, extremely quick pitch, minimal spring loaded frame.
    • 360o Vista view: All the lower sides roll up to give you a 'fully-floating' roof and un-restricted 360 degree views.
    • Permanent, built in ventilation in the roof.
    • Fully zipped ventilation windows for maximum additional air flow.
    • Compact pack size.
    • Inner tent ready : Optional inner tent available.
    • Sustainable and good to the earth.
    • Double layered doors: Full zipped cotton, plus fully zipped mesh panels.
    • Premium guy ropes and hand sliders.
  • Materials and Dimensions

    Warranty: 24 months.
    Fabric: Quest Tec FullC
    Floor: 540g Full PVC
    Quest No-Chill : premium, max strength mesh.
    Berth : 1 - 8 : (1-3 out of inner tent, 1-5 inside inner tent).
    Height: 300 cm.
    Diameter: 500 cm.
    Pack Size (Canvas): 118 x 41 x 28 cm.
    Pack Size (Frame) : 118 x 23 x 15 cm.
    Tent weight: 28 kg.
    Total weight: 41 kg.

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