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Santa Clara M 180 - 240 Trigano Awning


The perfect awning for touring campers or for those who prefer spending their holidays enjoying every minute, and not spending hours pitching their awning.


In fact, the SANTA CLARA is the best choice if you're looking for quick and easy pitching. This standalone awning can remain pitched even if you take your vehicle off-site.


You will love the vast light this awning gets thanks to its 2.5 m large front window. This awning boasts a lightweight, robust and modern design.


Fibre Frame

Santa Clara M 180 - 240 Trigano Awning

VAT Included
    • Sewn-in groundsheet in the living space
    • Mosquito screens on all doors
    • Door separating the porch and living spaces
    • High vent
    • 2 entrances and 2 side windows
    • Dimensions: Floor plan 350cm² - Porch 250 x 90cm
    • Height: 180-240cm
    • Weight 22Kg
    • Bag size: 36 x 76cm

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