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Liberty Black 3 Litre Whistling Kettle


• Liberty leisure’s tea kettle is beautifully crafted of polished stainless steel with an encapsulated stainless-steel bottom. this aids in even heat distribution for quicker, more efficient water boiling.

• Traditional shape with a removable lid with heat-resistant knob, a whistling spout with an easy to open trigger for even pouring, and a black looped handle made with phenol, which is used for high-temperature stability. this added feature helps keep your handle cool for safe comfortable pouring, even though the kettle contains boiling hot water.

The kettle emits a pleasing whistling sound when the water reaches a boil. perfectly created and easy to use, simply fill the kettle to just below the spout opening, replace the lid and place on medium heat on stovetop. once it starts whistling, the water is ready and the kettle can be removed from heat

Liberty Black 3 Litre Whistling Kettle

VAT Included

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