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KAMPA Trip Driveaway Awning


The Dometic Kampa Trip Driveaway Awning is designed with style and convenience in mind. This awning ensures a fast and hassle-free setup and takedown so you will be enjoying campsite life in no time at all and the Trip Driveaway Awning is all about efficiency and ease of use. Whether you're setting up or taking it down, this awning guarantees a quick process. It's the perfect solution for travellers who want to spend less time on the technicalities and more time enjoying their journey.

Packed with features, the Dometic Kampa Trip Driveaway Awning offers everything you need for a comfortable camping experience. The clip-in waterproof groundsheet provides a reliable barrier against damp ground and ensures a clean and dry interior. Two full-height windows, equipped with roll-down blinds, offer a great balance of natural light and privacy. You'll appreciate the large roll-to-side front door, providing easy access and creating a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors. The connecting tunnel of the Trip Driveaway Awning features a convenient side door which allows for easy access to and from your vehicle. This thoughtful design feature ensures that you can move in and out of the awning effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

The Dometic Trip Driveaway Awning offers generous headroom, providing a spacious and comfortable interior. Whether you're standing up or sitting down, you'll appreciate the ample space this awning provides. It creates a welcoming atmosphere where you can relax, socialise, or even set up a small dining area.

Choose between the fibreglass or air frame models of the Trip Driveaway Awning, depending on your preferences and needs. The fibreglass poles offer reliable stability and support and your awning will stay firmly in place especially during windier conditions or when you have driven away you know your awning will stay firmly in position.

The Dometic Kampa Trip Driveaway Awning is designed to enhance your touring experience with its amazing features and spacious interior. With its fast setup and takedown, clip-in waterproof groundsheet, full-height windows, large front door, convenient side access and ample headroom, this awning is a reliable and versatile asset for your camping adventures.

Kampa Trip Driveaway Awning

SKU: 43065
VAT Included
    • Large windows
    • Great headroom
    • Fiberglass poles
  • Width : 2900 mm

    Depth : 1800 mm

    Tunnel width : 2900 mm

    Tunnel depth : 900 mm

    Connection Height : 1800 - 2100 mm

    Height at front : 2050 mm

    Weight : 11.75kg

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