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Daewoo 800W Microwave 20L (Grey)

It has a large 20L capacity, so with this substantial capacity and 700W of power, our microwave is ideal for families and gatherings. The auto defrost function means that there is no excuse for forgetting to remove food from the freezer.

It has 5 power levels over twin dial controls on the microwave face provide simple and convenient functionality allowing you to choose from 5 different power settings to suit your needs. The 35 minute manual timer goves you total control on just how long you need for your food to cook using the dial on the front of the microwave, once the timer is up the microwave will beep to alert you. The increased power (from 700 to 800W) gives you access to faster cooking times, giving you even more control.

Daewoo 800W Microwave 20L (Grey)

SKU: K0074
VAT Included

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